Nevermoore Recordings

Never Say Goodbye

"My good friend Kevin Stone and I sang together for several years, and quite frankly, he's amazing. His lyrics are the type I hope to learn to be able to write someday, but I haven't quite gotten there yet. This song was written back in the mid-90s, and was sung at our friends Keith Chick & Michelle Kumiega's wedding. To say it was received well would be a polite understatement, and it is from that wedding rehearsal that this recording came, with a bit of post-production work by Kevin, who provided all the instrumentation for the song himself as well as writing it."


"Before they got married, Michelle was one of four main members in a band we jokingly called PKM, but seriously thought to call "Nevermoore." Jessic Evans, Michelle, Kevin & I had so much fun singing together, even if we couldn't ever teach Jess 'soul'. ;) Keith was going to be our manager, and the collaborations that came out of that odd group occured with both great regularity and great success. This song was one whose lyrics were written by Michelle, Kevin figured out the song itself, and then left it up to me to find the melody to fit the words & music. You'll hear at the end what happens when you let a white boy like me try to make up blues music. ;) Overall, this one just plain rocks. Btw, all the instrumentation you hear is Kevin, either live at the rehearsal or afterwards during post-production editing."