Karaoke Recordings

We Are In Love

"It's strange how songs find you at odd moments in your life. I was finding 80s colspan="5" tracks for a gimmick for my summer radio show, and happened across this song. I remembered loving this when I first heard it, so I went and dug the CD out and listened to it again - it was as good as I remembered, and as much fun to sing as well. So I got the colspan="5" track and set about trying to make my little home studio work. This is the result. I'm not happy with the vocal processing (I'm a novice audio engineer still) but the performance turned out basically 'ok' - good enough to throw up on the web, anyhow."

Ghost Riders in the Sky

"This was a stretch for me... I love the song, especially as sun by Dan Akroyd in Blues Brothers 2000, but he's a bass/baritone, and I'm a first tenor. So, in order to actually hit the notes, I had to record this within minutes of waking up after a night's sleep, so that my voice would be the lowest it is all day long. It's passable, but by no means my best work, primarly because I was still half-asleep and trying to sing a relatively difficult song. Lesson learned: Don't sing until fully awake."

Love Man

"This was a stretch in the other direction. ;) The recording came about after a new friend asked me if I could sing this song. I wasn't at all sure I could, but I decided that I hadn't done any real singing for a while, and this would not be easy. Otis Redding has an amazing voice and tone, and I knew there was no way I could do justice to his performance, so I just tried to do it my way. I took this as something in the nature of a dare, and I hope 'The Munster' is OK with this version... this was truly a challenge."

Hollywood Nocturne

"Stress relief, that's what this one became. Finals week, and I needed a bit of 'not thinking about school' time, so I went looking for the umpteenth time to see if someone had a version of one of my favorite Brian Setzer Orchestra songs, and lo and behold: This time they did! So I bought it and started playing with it. I've loved singing along with it for years, and now I can just sing it. Sort of. Well, you know... it's me, so..."

I Got a Name

"Doing my Sunday morning radio show, this came up in rotation and I just started singing along. I realized that this was one of those songs that I've loved all my life but had let slip from my memory. Once I got done singing with it when it aired, I wanted to sing it again, so I went looking, found the colspan="5" track, sang it a few more times, and then decided that this was a good song for me at this particular moment in my life, so I spent some time recording it, and whalah: A new addition to the music page. :)"