This page exists mainly due to the supportive "badgering" I received from my friend Eric Spahr. He heard the demo tape I had made for my father many, many Christmas' ago and insisted that I make my music available for more people, and he urged me to use my web-skills to create a place for them online... so here it is. I hope you'll like what you hear, whoever you may be. :) All of the files stream via an HTML5 audio player. If you can't see the player, you probably need to update your browser (or try a different one). :)

I'd like to say special thanks to my friend and stepmother, Judy, for making my dream of someday getting my songs recorded into a reality, my father, Herb, for his pride and support of my work, and my mother, Marilyn, for her support of my love of music, even back when no one else felt that way. Additional thanks must go out to Ken Westerman, for instilling in me a truly eternal love of music, Jim Selleck (whose comments you will find associated with various material on this page), for teaching me how to have fun with rock and roll, and David Katz and Wilnella Bush, for teaching me the finer points of music and music theory so that I could do the things I've done. I love you all for what you've done for me. :)